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      To maximize the scent output & life of your HomeWorx reed-stick diffusers, make sure you flip your reeds stick once a week. This allows the oil to continue being absorbed through the sticks for a better fragrance experience.

      To reduce the scent output in smaller spaces, remove a few sticks from your diffuser. The fragrance will not be as strong, but your oil will last longer.

      HomeWorx reed-diffusers are best in smaller, more intimate spaces throughout your home. Place in powder rooms, closets, laundry rooms or small entryways for a flame-free around the clock fragrance.

      Harry Slatkin always suggests "layering" your home fragrance for an undeniable scent experience. Pair a reed-diffuser with a HomeWorx scented candle in the same room & you will surely enjoy.

      We currently sell our diffuser oils & plug-in devices exclusively on QVC. Find our selection on or tune into a live airing with Harry!