3-wick candles
3-wick candles

      Our 3-wick candles are perfect for smaller spaces in your home like powder rooms, offices, and entryways. HomeWorx & ScentWorx 3-wick candles have an undeniable scent output. Created by master perfumers and industry legend Harry Slatkin, our candles are created from a signature blend of the finest waxes and essential oils available from around the world. Elevate your home décor, fill every corner of your home with scent or gift to a special friend.
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      HomeWorx 3-wick scented candles have a burn time of 20-40 hours.

      Light our 3-wick candles in smaller rooms like bedrooms, powder rooms and entry ways. The aroma will encompass the room & fill your home with happiness.

      A 3-wick candle is a 14 oz candle in a glass vessel with 3 lead-free, cotton wicks. Burn 3-wick scented candles in every corner of your home & for an undeniable scent output.  

      HomeWorx 3-wick candles are made with essential oils, masterfully created by perfumers for an intoxicating fragrance experience. 

      HomeWorx 3-wick candles have a variety of designs to suit your home décor preferences. Choose from our photorealistic design or simplistic screen-printed design.

      3-wick candles are the best gifts to yourself and to friends! Purchase a HomeWorx 3-wick candle and brighten someone’s day.

      For optimal burn & fragrance output, it is advised that you burn all 3-wicks simultaneously on our candles. The candle’s wax will burn evenly when every wick is lit. Burn our 3-wick scented candles in a well-ventilated room, extinguish with a HomeWorx monogrammed lid.