The Slatkin Summary

Candle Size: How to choose the right HomeWorx candle for your space
Yes, size does matter when it comes to burning candles! So how do you choose which size HomeWorx candle to burn in your home? Let us help guide you on our various candle sizes and best spaces to get the...
How to Maximize your HomeWorx Reed Diffuser

A great way to refresh any space for an uninterrupted, around the clock, aromatic and flame-free ambience!

Candle Care Tips with HomeWorx

HomeWorx Candle Care Tips


How to make your home smell cozy and inviting for the holidays
With notes of sweet clementine, freshly grated ginger, fragrant clove, simmering spices and the essence of fir needle, our 4-wick Holiday Spice Candle will keep your home smelling amazing all season long.
How to Set Up your HomeWorx Plug-In
Here's a quick step-by-step guide on how to set up your HomeWorx Plug-In!
How to Repurpose your HomeWorx Candle Vessel
Here's a fun way to repurpose your HomeWorx candle vessel into a gorgeous planter.