Why you'll love our HomeWorx Scented Candles

Our 18 oz, 4-wick candle has a scent output like no other. Once you have one in your home, you will know. It's a room filling fragrance experience!

Every candle tells a story with top, middle and bottom fragrance notes. The wicks have been optimized for a perfect burn throughout the life of the candle. What an interesting concept, right? A candle that smells different throughout the burn?!

HomeWorx Candles are blended with essential oils that make the candle like a luxury perfume. We use just the right amount to craft a beautiful fragrance that isn't too overwhelming.

Did you know HomeWorx fragrances are inspired by Harry Slatkin's real life experiences? Where he travels, what he eats, and the things he smells on a morning walk are all inspiration for his scents.

The HomeWorx candle is in a sturdy glass vessel with a unique photo-realistic design. Complete your décor and spice up your home with a HomeWorx candle. There is surely a design for all!

Finished burning and don't want to throw your vessel away? Repurpose the glass and use in your home to hold so many different things like wrapped candy, cotton balls and more.

Remember, Candles need care too! There's a specific way to treat your candle before, during, and after burning to maintain it's integrity. Visit Candle Care to learn more.