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      Why you'll love our Aromatic Scented Candles  
      HomeWorx fresh & aromatic candles are composed of fragrances that will transport you to a place that is alluring and exotic. Each fragrance is created by master perfumers using the finest essential oils and ingredients globally capturing special moments in time. 
      With our aromatic scented candles, experience the coziness of a fireside evening while snuggled up or the freshness of a snow-capped mountain in the winter. Breathe in the crispness of a winter wonderland with notes of fir balsam, spruce and white birch. 
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      There are many HomeWorx fragrances that create a true & festive Holiday experience.

      Explore a winter wonderland while in the comfort of your home with tree scents like pine, fir balsam and birch. Bring the outdoors inside with crisp and fresh tree scented candles.

      Indulge in holiday sweets with HomeWorx gourmand candles. Bake for hours in the kitchen, gather around the table and share the joy of freshly baked cookies, decadent pies and sugary deliciousness with desserts of the season.

      HomeWorx does Holiday scented candles right and has plenty of fragrance categories to choose from!

      Get cozy and light up an aromatic fragrance like White Birch, Frozen Balsam or Snow Tipped Pine.

      If you're looking for something sultry & exotic, look for scent notes like cinnamon, cedar wood, mulled spices.

      No one does Holiday gourmand fragrances quite like HomeWorx! Experience the sweetness of holiday cookies with Iced Sugar Cookie, delight in a night cap with Spiked Eggnog, or remember your mother's favorite pie recipe with HomeWorx fragrances.

      HomeWorx scented candles consist of many different types of trees.

      Breathe in the woodsy outdoors with pine needles and sap from a beautiful Pine tree.

      Walk through a winter wonderland of snow covered blue spruce and white birch trees.

      Don't have a real Christmas tree? Bring a freshly cut fir balsam into your home by lighting a HomeWorx candle. No one would ever know!