How to care for your HomeWorx candle

Candle care is simple! Harry Slatkin created these instructions years ago to ensure candles are treated properly and you get the best use out of each and every one.

Here are a few tips to help you make your HomeWorx candle burn beautifully and burn longer.

1. Keep candles away from drafts, small children, and any type of fabric.

  • Keep it away from drafts. You don’t want the wind blowing the wicks around when they’re lit. Drafts & air currents can also lead to candles not burning clean & even. 
  • Keep it away from small children so it’s out of reach. And don’t put it by any fabric. You don’t want any of the flame ever getting near a fabric. 

2. For Full exposure, burn your candle for 2-4 hours.

  • To fill up your whole home with scent, we suggest burning our candles for at least 2 hours. 4 hours should be your max. If you want to go a little further, play with it. But 2-4 hours really fills your entire home with scent.

3. Use the lid of the candle to extinguish the candle, instead of blowing it out.

  • All HomeWorx candles come with a lid. It makes it a clean moment when you just put the lid on top. It takes the oxygen out of the candle and there, it’s already out. Before relighting your HomeWorx candle, take a tissue and gently clean off the ends of the previously burned wicks to remove any residue. Once you're ready, relight and you have a clean burn ready to go.

 4. Before re-lighting your candle, you can clean the top of your wicks to prevent debris from going into your melt pool. With a tissue, very gently pinch the "mushroom" top of the wick off. Your wicks are good as new and ready to burn again!

Raspberry Linzer CookieRaspberry Linzer CookieRaspberry Linzer Cookie


5. Once the wick clips extinguishes your candle, do not try and relight it.

  • At the bottom of every HomeWorx candle we have a wick clip. And what that does is it extinguishes the candle should you fall asleep, should you go to the store and say “OMG I left my candle.” It will put the candle out. Just never light the candle after it’s gotten that low. That means it's finished and it's time to move on to a new scent.

    Check out this video to hear from Harry Slatkin himself: